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Programming Cheat Sheets 1.3.1
Egor Dmitriev
Programming Cheat Sheets - has more than 20 different QuickReference Cheat Sheets to boost your productivity. App does notlimit cheat sheets only to programming languages but also exploresshortcuts for different applications and lists with goodpractises.Minimal UIUI is made clean and easy to use. You wont findany unnecessary elements. You can collapse categories and groups tofocus on things that matter.Advanced SearchYou can filter any cheatsheet by any keyword and everything is tagged so you will be ableto find anything by its synonyms.Large collectionAll cheat sheetsare synchronized from our server. Which means that you will be thefirst to notice any new cheat sheets or updates.Its freeNo stringsattached. This app is completely ad-free.Offline usabilityOnce youopen a cheat sheet, it will be stored on your device. Thereforenext time you dont have any access to network, you will still beable to access it.Currently available cheat sheets:• C++• PHP•Python• Java• HTML4 and HTML5• Git• Linux Command Line• Emacs• VIM•Sublime Text• Jetbrains / Intellij• jQuery• SASS• Markdown• MySQL•MongoDB• Apache, mod_rewrite• And many moreThis app is completelyOpen Source. Feel free to contribute or submit issues if you haveany. You can find code for app and backend on my github profile.Ifyou have requests for some specific cheat sheets, please send me anemail at [email protected] I would be glad to help you.Thelogo this app uses is designed and created by Freepik.
PopShows - Movie and Serie Info 1.0.3
Egor Dmitriev
This application allows you to view all information about yourfavourite movies and series. You can create lists and synchronizethem across devices. This app is designed to be easy and fast touse therefore is is completely free and contains a very few noninvasive ads.This app is powered by IMDB and Anilist.Please note:"This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified byTMDb." Features:• Information of movies ands series includingdescription, actors, cover, runtime, directors and much more•Backup your lists• Sychronize lists a cross devices• Informationsof TV shows• Search by title / keyword• A separate category forAnime of which you can find more detailed info• Create as manylists as you want and add any kind of series, movies or anime.•Move/copy entries between lists.• Browse different categories•Advanced search and suggestion• No registration necessary.•Compatible to Android 3.0 "Honeycomb"