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Learn JavaScript 1.0.5
JavaScript is a programming language commonly used in webdevelopment. It was originally developed by Netscape as a means toadd dynamic and interactive elements to websites.This Applicationwill teach you about JavaScript in detail with it's ProgrammingConcept and you can easily see the Programming Output at a timewith it's code.The contents of this app that you will learn arefollowings:1. JavaScript HOME2. JavaScript INTRODUCTION3.JavaScript WHERE TO4. JavaScript OURPUT5. JavaScript SYNTAX6.JavaScript PROGRAMMING CONCEPTYou will find all this sectionoffline without any internet connection and learn JavaScript easilyanywhere and anytime.Download this App and immediately begindeveloping different varieties of Web Development. This App is alsoperfect as a reference guide whenever you want to build an webproject in quick time and save your time.Thanks to ExpertHub.
Learn PHP - PHP Tutorial 1.0.6
PHP is a script language and interpreter that is freely availableand used primarily on Linux Web servers. PHP, originally derivedfrom Personal Home Page Tools, now stands for PHP: HypertextPreprocessor.This Application will teach you about PHP in detailwith it's Programming concepts and you can easily see theProgramming Output at a time with it's code.The contents of thisapp that you will learn are followings:1. PHP HOME2. PHPINTRODUCTION3. PHP INSTALL4. PHP SYNTAX5. PHP VARIABLES6. PHPPROGRAMMING CONCEPTSYou will find all this section offline withoutany internet connection and learn Php easily anywhere andanytime.Download this App and immediately begin developingdifferent varieties of Web Development. This App is also perfect asa reference guide whenever you want to build an web project inquick time and save your time.Thanks to ExpertHub.
Learn JSON 1.0.1
What is JavaScript Object Notation?J SON stands for JavaScriptObject NotationJavaScript Object Notation is a lightweightdata-interchange formatJavaScript Object Notation is languageindependent *JavaScript Object Notation is "self-describing" andeasy to understandIn this you will see the following things listedbelow,1. J SON Intro2. J SON Syntax3. J SON How to4. J SON files5.JAVA SCRIPT EXAMPLESYou will find all this section offline withoutany internet connection and learn J SON easily anywhere andanytime.Download this App and immediately begin developingdifferent varieties of Web Development. This App is also perfect asa reference guide whenever you want to build an web project inquick time and save your time.Thanks to ExpertHub.
Operating System 1.0.2
The operating system (OS) is the mostimportant program that runs on a computer. Every general-purposecomputer must have an operating system to run other programs andapplications.This Application will teach you about Operating System in detailwith it's Concept and you can easily understand these concept.The contents of this app that you will learn are followings:1. Operating System INTRODUCTION2. Operating System EVOLUTION3. Operating System TYPES4. Operating System PROCESS AND MULTI THREADING5. Operating System PROCESS SCHEDULING6. Operating System CPU SCHEDULING7. Operating System THREADS8. Operating System9. Operating System PROCESS SYNCHRONIZATION10. Operating System SYNCHRONIZATION PROBLEM11. Operating System DEADLOCK12. Operating System MEMORY MANAGEMENT13. Operating System VIRTUAL MEMORY14. Operating System FILE SYSTEMYou will find all this section offline without any internetconnection and learn Operating System easily anywhere andanytime.Download this App and immediately begin developing differentvarieties of Computer Concept. This App is also perfect as areference guide whenever you want to build an Computer project inquick time and save your time.Thanks to ExpertHub Apps.
Learn HTML - HTML Tags 2.1
HTML stands for (Hypertext Markup Language).With the help of thistutorial app you will learn how to build a website for free ,orlearn to build your own website.You can easily understand the htmlcode tag with great interface and html code guide for beginners.After that you will easily understand the development of html. Thisapp also covers the html5 advanced tag with brief description. Thecontents of this app that you will learn are following:1. HTMLHOME2. HTML INTRODUCTION3. HTML EDITORS4. HTML BASIC5. HTMLATTRIBUTES6. HTML TAGS7. HTML FORM8. HTML59. HTML ADVANCEDLearnhtml tutorial offline without any internet connection easilyanywhere,anytime.Download this App and immediately begin developingdifferent varieties of Web Development. This App is also perfect asa reference guide whenever you want to build an web project thatsave your time.Thanks to ExpertHub.
Learn CSS 1.3
CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS describes how HTMLelements are to be displayed on screen, paper, or in other media.CSS saves a lot of work. It can control the layout of multiple webpages all at once. External stylesheets are stored in CSSfiles.This Application will teach you about CSS in detail with it'sProperties and you can easily see the Properties Output at a timewith it's code.The contents of this app that you will learn arefollowings:1. CSSHOME2. CSSINTRODUCTION3. CSS SYNTAX4. CSS HOW TO5.CSS BACKGROUND6. CSS PROPERTIESYou will find all this sectionoffline without any internet connection and learn CSS easilyanywhere and anytime.Download this App and immediately begindeveloping different varieties of Web Development. This App is alsoperfect as a reference guide whenever you want to build an webproject in quick time and save your time.Thanks to ExpertHub
Material Android Development 1.1.4
Material design is a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, andinteraction design across platforms and devices. Android nowincludes support for material design apps.Android RecyclerView ismore advanced version of ListView with improved performance andother benefits. Using RecyclerView and CardView together, bothlists and grids can be created very easily. Here is the completeinformation about RecyclerView and other examples.If you someonewith a basic level of programming understanding and experience, andnow want to step into the Android App then go through this app intodetail that provides you to android programming concept with thelatest material design technique The various Android activitiesthat you'll learn to implement through this app are:1.Building yourfirst android application(how to setup your environment for androiddevelopment.2.Tells you to how to support Android differentdevices.3.Working with Fragments.4.Way to saving data in androiddevices or how to save across your app server.5.How android devicewill communicate the others devices.6.Android working withpermissions.7.You will learn the activity life cycle indetails.Although you have to brief description about1.Activity2.Services3. Contant Provider4. BroadcastReceiver5.Networking6.Android ManifestAndroid material designsection covers the complete section of the following:1.Gettingstarted with the material design2.Animation of the materialdesign3.Styles of the material design4.Layout of the materialdesign5.Components of the material design6.Patterns of the materialdesign7.Usability of the material designall these above section youhave find with detail description that will help you to understandthe concept of android in detailDownload this App and immediatelybegin developing different varieties of Android Applications. ThisApp is also perfect as a reference guide whenever you want to buildan Android Application in quick time and save your time more.
Learn Bootstrap 3 1.1
What is bootstrap?Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, andJavaScript framework for developing responsive websites.In this appyou will learn about Bootstrap 3 with the help of syntax code.Andalso this bootstrap tutorial app contains many of bootstrap codeexamples which give you the clear idea that how to create abootstrap page.The contents of this app that you will learn arefollowings:1. Bootstrap 3 HOME,2. GET STARTED,3. BASICS,4.TYPOGRAPHY,5. TABLES,6. boot strap PROPERTIES. You will find allthis section offline without any internet connection and learnbootstrap offline easily anywhere and anytime.Download thistutorial app and immediately begin developing different varietiesof Web Development. This App is also perfect as a reference guidefor developing the Responsive websites .Thanks to Expert Hub.
Learn SQL 1.0.2
SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is used tocommunicate with a database. According to ANSI (American NationalStandards Institute), it is the standard language for relationaldatabase management systems.This Application will teach you aboutSQL in detail with it's syntax code and you can easily see the SQLOutput at a time with it's code.The contents of this app that youwill learn are followings:1. SQL HOME2. SQL INTRODUCTION3. SQLSYNTAX4. SQL SELECT5. SQL DISTINCT6. SQL QUERIESYou will find allthis section offline without any internet connection and learn SQLeasily anywhere and anytime.Download this App and immediately begindeveloping different varieties of Web Development. This App is alsoperfect as a reference guide whenever you want to build an webproject in quick time and save your time.Thanks to ExpertHub.
Shabaz Indian Takeaway 1.0.1
Download the free “Shabaz Indian Takeaway” app and order onlinefrom our wide range of delicious Indian foods. Now we are just fewclicks away. By using this app you can• Pay by cash on delivery orcollection, or safely and securely by debit and credit card.• Getlatest promotional offers/discounts• Log in with your existingFacebook/Google account.• Re-order your favourites in a flash fromyour order history.By downloading and using this app, you confirmthat you accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.NOTE:This app will only work properly 4 miles radius around ourtakeaway. Takeaway is located at 5 Rufford Parade, Rufford Drive,Whitefield, M45 8PW United Kingdom.
OOP Programming Concepts 1.0.6
OOP Programming Concepts is an app especially developed forBeginner programmers which help the beginner students who want tolearn the object oriented programming concepts in detail. ObjectOriented Programming Concepts app is an app designed to teach youthe fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming based on Java. Thecontents of this app that you will learn are followings:**Introduction to Object.** Class in OOP and its detail with syntaxcode.** Abstraction concepts in OOP** What is Polymorphism in OOP**Inheritance concepts with syntax code.** Method overloading vs.overriding** Encapsulation concept** Constructor in Java etc…Youwill find all this section offline without any internet connectionand learn OOP easily anywhere and anytime.Download this App andimmediately begin developing different varieties of Development.This App is also perfect as a reference guide whenever you want tobuild an application project,Thanks to ExpertHub apps.
Learn C++ 1.0.1
C++ (pronounced see plus plus) was developed by Bjarne Stroustrupat Bell Labs as an extension to C, starting in 1979. C++ adds manynew features to the C language, and is perhaps best thought of as asuperset of C, though this is not strictly true as C99 introduced afew features that do not exist in C++.The contents of this app thatyou will learn are followings:1. C++ Getting Started2. C++ Basic3.C++ Variables4. C++ Data Types5. C++ Operators6. C++ VariableScope7. C++ Control Flow8. C++ Arrays, String, Pointers9. C++FunctionsYou will find all this section offline without anyinternet connection and learn C++ easily anywhere andanytime.Download this App and immediately begin developingdifferent varieties of Software Development. This App is alsoperfect as a reference guide whenever you want to build an Softwareproject in quick time and save your time.Thanks to ExpertHub.
AngularJS Tutorial 1.0.2
What is AngularJS?AngularJS extends HTML with new attributes.AngularJS is perfect for Single Page Applications (SPAs).AngularJS is easy to learn.This app is specially designed to help you learn AngularJSexamplesas quickly and efficiently as possible.First, you will learn the basics of AngularJS and then youwilllearn everything else you need to know about will learn about angularjs programming with angularjscodesyntax.The content of this app that you will learn are followings:AngularJSintroduction,expressions,modules,directives,modules,databinding,controllers,scope,filtersand angularjs services.Learn angular js tutorial offline without any internetconnectioneasily anywhere,anytime.Download this App and immediately begin developingdifferentvarieties of Web Development. This App is also perfect asareference guide whenever you want to build an web project thatsaveyour time.Thanks to ExpertHub.
Ruby - Ruby On Rails Concepts 1.0.1
What is Ruby?What is ruby on rails and ruby programming?Ruby is ascripting language designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto, also known asMatz. It runs on a variety of platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS,and the various versions of UNIX. This tutorial gives a completeunderstanding on Ruby.Ruby on Rails is an extremely productive webapplication framework written in Ruby by David Heinemeier Hansson.This tutorial gives you a complete understanding on Ruby onRails.This offline tutorial app covers the following Ruby | Ruby OnRails topics:Ruby Example Programs, Classes and Objects, Variablesand Types, Basic Operators, Strings, Arrays, Hashes and Symbols, IfElse, For Loop, While Loop, Break and Next, Switch case, Functions,Methods, Block, Modules etc.Ruby Advanced ,Ruby Object OrientedProgramming concept.Ruby Tutorial for Beginners.Ruby on railsdevelopment.Ruby programming language.Ruby Rails.Ruby codeSodownload this Ruby tutorial app immediately and learn rubyonrail.
Node JS - Node JS Tutorial 1.0.2
Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScriptengine. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model thatmakes it lightweight and efficient. Node.js' package ecosystem,npm, is the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in theworld.This app helps you to learn node.js easily as a guide to nodejs tutorial. Node.js is the most influential technologies in theWeb development, we cover the basic topics as follows,Node jsexpress, server, examples.Node js vs AngularJs.Node js vsPython.Node js vs PHP.Node js vs Java.Node Js Interview Questionswith answers etc.So, download this tutorial app and learn node.jsoffline.
Software Engineering Concepts 1.0.2
What is Software Engineering?A software engineer is a person whoapplies the principles of software engineering to the design,development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of the softwareand systems that make computers or anything containing softwarework.In this app you will learn about software engineering topicseasily with step by step description and also you will learn aboutsoftware development guide with software design techniques orunderstand the computer coding easily.Software Engineering Tutorialapp provide the great User Interface that helps to learn softwareengineering easily and we covers most of the software engineeringtopics.Following are the software engineering topics that you willlearn are:..Introduction to Software Engineering.. SoftwareDevelopment Life Cycle.. Software Development Paradigm.. SoftwareProject Management.. Project Estimation.. Software Requirements..Requirement Elicitation.. Software Design.. Software Analysis &Design Tools.. Data Flow Diagram.. Software Design Strategies..User Interface Design.. Software Implementation.. Testing Levels..Software Case Tools.. Software Maintenance.. Advanced SoftwareEngineering.. Software Engineering Exams Questions & Answersetc.So download this software engineering app immediately and beginwith the verity of software development.
Learn R - Programming Concepts 1.0.1
What is R programming?R is a programming language and softwareenvironment for statistical analysis, graphics representation andreporting. R was created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at theUniversity of Auckland, New Zealand, and is currently developed bythe R Development Core Team.R is an open source programminglanguage and software environment for statistical computing andgraphics that is supported by the R Foundation for StatisticalComputing.R tutorial helps you to learn R programming concepts indetail.Following are the topics that you'll learn:-- Overview andinstallation-- Get started with R-- Basic Syntax and data types--Operators and variables-- R - Function, String, Loop-- Vector andvector solution-- Matrices and Arrays-- Factors and Data frame-- RList-- R Data Interface, R files-- R charts and Graphs** MostImportant -- R Interview Questions with answers.-- R Quick Guide.Sodownload this app immediately and learn R programming offlineanywhere, anytime.
Python Programming Concepts 1.0.2
What is Python?Python is a general-purpose interpreted,interactive, object-oriented, and high-level programminglanguage.Python Programming Concepts app designed for softwareprogrammers who need to learn Python programming language fromscratch and also perfect python tutorial for beginners.You shouldhave a basic understanding of Computer Programming terminologies. Abasic understanding of any of the programming languages is aplus.You can easily learn python by using this app.We cover thefollowing topic as below!Python programming code examples.PythonVariablesPython dictionaryPython listMost Important:Python String,Loops, Programs, conditions, Classes and Objects,Modules andPackages, Dictionaries etc.So download this python tutorial appimmediately.
Power Plant Engineering 1.0
What is Power plant ENGINEERING?Power plant engineering deals withthe study of energy, its sources and utilization of energy forpower generation. The power is generated by prime movers (exampleHydraulic turbines, steam turbines, diesel engines).The content ofthis engineering app are following:Basic Level:-- INTRODUCTION TOPOWER PLANT-- What is POWER-- What is ENERGY-- SOURCES OF ENERGY--Classification of Power Plant-- Principle of Steam power plants--Thermal power plant-- Gas Turbine Power plant etc.Advanced Level:--Diesel power plant-- Hydroelectric power plant-- Classification ofHydro electric power plant-- Nuclear power plant-- Working of aNuclear Power plant etc.So download this Power plant engineeringapps immediately and learn it's concept.
Learn jQuery - jQuery Tutorial 1.0
What is jQuery?jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript librarycreated by John Resig in 2006. jQuery simplifies HTML documenttraversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions forRapid Web Development.Before proceeding with this tutorial, youshould have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Document Object Model (DOM) and any text editor. As we are going todevelop web based application using jQuery, it will be good if youhave understanding on how internet and web based applicationswork.The content of this tutorial app are following:Basic:-- jQueryIntroduction, Syntax, Selectors, Events, Attributes etc.MostImportant:-- jQuery Effects-- jQuery HTML-- jQuery Ajax-- jQueryTraversing etc.So download this app immediately and learn jQueryoffline easily.
Civil Engineering 1.0.1
What is Civil Engineering?Civil engineering is a professionalengineering discipline that deals with the design, construction,and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment,including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, andbuildings.Civil engineering is arguably the oldest engineeringdiscipline. It deals with the built environment and can be dated tothe first time someone placed a roof over his or her head or laid atree trunk across a river to make it easier to get across.Followingare basic civil engineering topics that we cover in this app:1.INTRODUCTION TO CIVIL ENGINEERINGCivil Engineering InfrastructureProjects Role of Civil Engineers Importance of an InterdisciplinaryApproach2. BASIC AREAS IN CIVIL ENGINEERINGSurveying ConstructionEngineering Structural Engineering Earthquake Engineering Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering 5Quantity Surveying FluidMechanics Irrigation Engineering Transportation EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering Town Planning Infrastructural DevelopmentProject Management Remote Sensing3. MATERIALS OFCONSTRUCTIONStoneBricksSandReinforcing SteelCementPlain CementConcrete Reinforced Cement ConcretePrestressed Concrete(PSC)Precast ConcreteIntroduction to Smart MaterialsRecycling ofMaterials4. CONSTRUCTION OF SUBSTRUCTURESFunctions ofFoundationBearing Capacity Types of Shallow Foundations FoundationsUsing Piles 5. SUPERSTRUCTURESTypes of Loads on SuperstructuresDead Loads Imposed Loads (IL) Wind Loads Snow Loads EarthquakeForces Other Forces and Effects Load CombinationsCompositeConstruction6. INTRODUCTION TO AUTOMATION IN CONSTRUCTIONAutomationin Building Construction Automation in Dam Construction Automationin Bridge Construction Automation in Road Construction7.INTRODUCTION TO SURVEYINGMapsUses of MapsMethods of Locating aPoint with Respect to Two Reference PointsPrinciple ofSurveyingModern Survey MethodsIntroduction to DigitalMappingDigital Planimeter for Measuring Areas from Maps8.INTRODUCTION TO LEVELLINGDefinitions of Basic Terms used inLevellingPrinciple of Direct LevellingTypes of LevellingPreparationof Contour Maps9. INTRODUCTION TO GIS AND OTHER SURVEYSOFTWARE'SData for GISAreas of GIS ApplicationsGIS basedSoftwaresOther Surveying SoftwareSo download this app immediatelyand learn Civil Engineering anywhere, anytime.
Learn SQLite - SQLite Tutorial 1.0.1
What is SQLite?SQLite is a software library that implements aself-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQLdatabase engine. SQLite is the most widely deployed SQL databaseengine in the world. The source code for SQLite is in the publicdomain.SQLite Tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts ofSQLite. Our SQLite Tutorial is designed for beginners andprofessionals both.PrerequisiteBefore learning SQLite, you musthave the basic knowledge of Basic Database like SQL, MySQL etc.Thecontent of this SQLite tutorial are followings:-- SQLiteIntroduction-- Installation-- Commands, Syntax-- DataTypes,CreateDB-- Detach Table, Create Table-- Drop Table, Insert Query--Select Query, Operators-- Expression, Where Clause-- And ORClause-- Update, Delete Query-- Like , Globe Clause-- Limit Clause,OrderByAdvanced Level Concepts:-- SQLite PRAGMA, Constraints--Join, Union Clause-- NULL Values, Alias Syntax-- Triggers,Indexes-- IndexedBy, Alter Command-- Truncate Table, Views--Transactions, Sub Quries-- Auto Increment-- InjectionMost ImportantSQLite Interfaces:-- SQLite C/C++-- SQLite Java-- SQLite PHP--SQLite Perl-- SQLite PythonSo download this app immediately andlearn SQLite tutorial offline anywhere, anytime.
Artificial Intelligence - AI 1.0.1
What is artificial intelligence?Artificial Intelligence is a way ofmaking a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or a software thinkintelligently, in the similar manner the intelligent humansthink.This AI - Tutorial provides introductory knowledge onArtificial Intelligence. It would come to a great help if you areabout to select Artificial Intelligence as a course subject. Youcan briefly know about the areas of AI Robot in which research isprospering.Following are the AI topics Covered in this applicationare:-- AI Introduction-- Introduction to Artificial Intelligence--History of AI-- Introduction to Agents-- Intelligent systems-- AIResearch Areas-- Artificial Intelligence Agents and Environments--Search Algorithm-- Fuzzy Logic Systems-- Natural languageprocessing-- Expert Systems-- Robotics-- Neural Networks-- Issues-- TerminologyDownload this app immediately and learn introductionto AI and related technology.
Java Programming Concepts 1.0.2
What is Java?Java Tutorial or Core Java Tutorial or JavaProgramming Tutorial is a widely used robust technology. Let'sstart learning of java from basic questions like what is javatutorial, core java, where it is used, what type of applicationsare created in java and why use java.This Java tutorial app coversthe basic of java syntax, structure, programming paradigm andconcepts in object oriented programming in java.You'll learn aboutjava programming statements, conditions etc. This Java tutorial forabsolute beginners in preparation for Android development as well.Following are the content that you'll learn in this app:Java Basic,JDK, JVM, JRE, Conditions, Statements etc.Most importanttopics:Object oriented programming concepts(OOP),Core JavaPrograms,Java Interview questions with answers.
MongoDB Tutorial - Concepts 1.0.1
MongoDB is an open-source document database and leading NoSQLdatabase. MongoDB is written in C++. This tutorial will give yougreat understanding on MongoDB concepts needed to create and deploya highly scalable and performance-oriented database. This tutorialapp is designed for Software Professionals who are willing to learnMongoDB Database in simple and easy steps. It will throw light onMongoDB concepts.Following are the list of topics that you'll learnin this app:Basic Level:Introduction to NoSQLIntroduction toMongoDBOverview of MongoDBMongoDB vs Sql DatabaseAdvantages ofMongoDBWhen to start MongoDBInter Level:Data Modelling in MongoDBIsMongoDB really Schemaless?MongoDB InstallationDatatypes inMongoDBDatabase Create and DropCollection Create and DropCRUDOperationsData RelationshipsIndexingAdvanced Level:IndexingSortingRecordsAggregation FunctionsData Backup andRestorationShardingMongoDB Java IntegrationMost Important:MongoDBInterview Questions with answersMongoDB Quick GuideSo download thisapp immediately and learn MongoDB offline easily anywhere, anytime.
Cloud Computing Concepts 1.0.1
What is Cloud Computing?Cloud Computing provides us means by whichwe can access the applications as utilities over the internet. Itallows us to create, configure, and customize the businessapplications online.Cloud Computing Tutorial with high end solutionof IT infrastructure. Cloud computing is a virtualization basedtechnology that reduces the cost of IT infrastructure. It providesa solution of IT infrastructure in low cost.The Content of thistutorial app are followings:-- Introduction to Cloud Computing--Cloud Computing Planning, Technologies, Architectures,InfrastructuresCloud Deployment Models:-- Public Cloud Model--Private Cloud Model-- Hybrid Cloud Model-- Community CloudModelCloud Advanced Concepts:-- Cloud Computing Management, DataStorage, Virtualization, Security, Operations, Applications,Providers, Challenges,-- Mobile Cloud ComputingCloud ServicesModels:-- Saas Layer-- Paas Layer-- Iaas LayerMost Important:CloudComputing Interview Questions etc.So download this Cloud Computingtutorial app immediately and learn Cloud Computing offline.
SEO Tutorial - What is SEO? 1.0.1
What is SEO?SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is theprocess of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial”or “natural” search results on search engines.Search EngineOptimization (SEO) is the activity of optimizing web pages or wholesites in order to make them search engine friendly, thus gettinghigher positions in search results.The Content of this tutorial arefollowings:-- Introduction to SEO-- What is Domain? What is WWW?--Search Engine vs Portal-- Types of SEO -- Whit HAT VS Black HATSEO-- How search engine works?-- SEO Keyword research-- SWOTAnalysis-- Keyword Research Tools ETC...Most Important:-- ON PageSEO-- OFF Page SEO-- SEO Interview Questions.So download this appimmediately and learn SEO offline.
Economics - What is economics? 1.0.2
What is Economics? Economics is a science which studies humanbehavior as a relationship between ends and scarce means which havealternative uses. OBJECTIVES: To gain basic knowledge in Economicsand understand the concept of management at the macroeconomics andmicroeconomics level. Section A : Fundamentals of Economics 1.Basic concepts of Economics 2. Forms of Market 3. National Income4. Money 5. Banking Section B: Fundamentals of Management 50% 6.(a) Management Process (b) Evolution of Management thought 7. (a)Concept of Power (b) Leadership & Motivation 8. (a) GroupDynamics (b) Management of Organizational Conflicts 9.Decision-making – types and process So download this appimmediately and learn Economics offline at anywhere, anytime.
Biology - General Biology Tutorial 1.0
What is Biology?Biology is a natural science concerned with thestudy of life and living organisms, including their structure,function, growth, evolution, distribution, identification andtaxonomy.Following are the General Biology topics that covers inthis app:Basic Concepts:1. Biology - The Life Science2. The Natureof Molecules3. The Chemical Building Blocks of Life4. Life: Historyand Origin5. Cells6. Structure of Eukaryotic cellsInter Level:1.Membranes2. Cell-cell interactions3. Energy and Metabolism4.Respiration: harvesting of energy5. Photosynthesis6. Sexualreproduction7. DNA: The Genetic Material8. Gene expression9. GeneregulationAdvanced Level:1. Mutation2. Recombinant DNA technology3.Classification of Living Things4. Multicellular PhotosyntheticAutotrophs5. Chordates6. Tissues and Systems7. Respiratory system8.Sensory systemsSo download Biology Concepts offline app and learnBiology basic to advanced level, thanks to ExpertHub Apps.
Learn Web Development Offline 1.0
Web development offline app helps you to understand the,-- HTMLtags, HTML5 tags,The language for building web pages.Learn how tocreate a website by using HTML.-- CSS, CSS3 The language forstyling web pageslearn how to web design by using Cascading StyleSheets (CSS).-- JavaScriptThe language for programming web pages.--SQLA language for accessing databases.Learn about sql database, sqlqueries.-- PHPA web server programming language.Learn phpprogramming step by step easily.-- BootstrapBootstrap is a CSSframework for designing better web pages.-- JSON: JavaScript ObjectNotation,JSON is a syntax for storing and exchanging data.-- XMLstands for eXtensible Markup Language,XML was designed to store andtransport data.So download this app immediatly and learn webdevelopment offline anywhere, anytime.