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Daily Cook 1.0.3
This is a recipe app.Here you can upload your own recipe.Getcomment and vote on your recipe.Most voted recipe user for themonth will be awarded.So if you a good chef then proved your skillby uploading some delicious recipe.Enjoy and earn.
Core Java Tutorial 1.5
Topics Covered: 1) **Java Introduction** 2) **OOP's Concept** 3)**Variable & Data Types** 4) **Java Operator** 5) **JavaString** 6) **Java Regex** 7) **Exception Handling** 8) **JavaInner Classes** 9) **Multi Threading** 10) **Synchronization** 11)**Java Programming** 12) **Interview Question**
C++ Tutorial 1.0.7
This app contains:- 1)Introduction 2)Compilers 3)Environment Setup4)Structure Of A Program 5)Variable & Types 6)Constants7)Operators 8)Basic I/O 9)Control Structure 10)Function11)Overloads & Templates 12)Name Visibilties 13)Arrays14)Character Sequense 15)Pointer 16)Dynamic Memory 17)DataStructure 18)Other Data Types 19)Classes 20)Special Members21)Friendship & Inheritance 22)Polymorphism 23)Type Conversion24)Exception 25)Pre Processor Directives 26)I/O With Files 27)C++Basic Programs 28)C++ Basic Pyramid & Pattern Programs 29)C++Interview Questions
IQ Test 1.0.3
This app content:- 1)GK i)Current Affairs ii)Sports iii)Mythologyiv)Economics v)Geography vi)History 2)Aptitude i)Partnershipii)Simple Interest iii)Profit & Loss iv)Area v)Time &Distance vi)Clock vii)Trains Problems viii)Race & Game3)Computer i)Fundamental ii)MS-Office iii)Networking iv)Hardware4)Science 5)Logical i)Number Series ii)Verbal iii)Letter &Symbol iv)Logical Problem v)Analogies vi)Essential Part 6)Puzzlesi)Number Puzzles ii)Missing Letter iii)Logical Puzzles iv)ClockPuzzles 7)Interview 8)Exam
Html5 1.0.3
Topic Covered:1) **Html Introduction**2) **Html Overview**3)**Basic Html Tags**4) **Html Formating**5) **Html Phrase Tag**6)**Html Coment**7) **Html Images**8) **Html Table**9) **HtmlList**10) **Html Links**11) **Html Frame**12) **Html Blogs**13)**Html Background**14) **Html Color**15) **Html Fonts**16) **HtmlForms**17) **Html Layout**18) **Html Meta Tags**19) **EntitysController**20) **Embed Multimedia**
C Tutorial 1.0.4
This app content :- 1)C Overview 2)Environment Setup 3)Basic Syntax4)Data Types 5)Variables 6)Constants 7)Storage Classes 8)Opertaors9)C Loops 10)Functions 11)Arrays 12)Pointers 13)C String 14)CStructure 15)C Union 16)C Input Output 17)C Typecasting 18)C HeaderFiles 19)C Error Handlings 20)C Recurtion 21)Variables &Arguments 22)Memory Management 23)Command Line 24)C Simple Programs25)C Pattern Programs 26)C Interview Questions
Synonym And Antonym 1.0.7
Synonym And Antonym app contains Synonym and Antonym for aparticular word. Especially, Synonym And Antonym app contains threetypes of game to develop your stock word in English. And also youcan find any word meaning of your own language. i)**Playing withSynonyms** ii)**Playing with Antonyms** iii)**Playing withWordmatch** iv)**Search word and get Synonyms and Antonyms**v)**Search word and get meaning in any language**
Flashlight Barcode 1.0.5
Features: 1) Access Flashlight 2) Scan Barcode What you can do byusing this : ****Find water in the Dark**** ****Read a real book atnight**** ****Make Yourself Visible spread your light to other inthe dark night**** ****Scan any barcode & get desire output********Scan any QR code & get desire output****
Fast Browser 1.1
Fast Browser is a simple and light mobile browser which providesyoua fast and secure surfing experience on slow network.FreelydownloadFast Browser; try the best experience of latest browser.FastBrowser Features> Multi-Tabs Manage>Lightweight>BestSupport HTML5 & Flash
NewzInHand 0.0.1
NewzInHand is a news app that represents latest and best newsfrommultiple national and international sources and summarises themtopresent in a short format with the title. All summarisedstoriescontain only headlines and facts.This app brings you thelatestEnglish news, breaking news headlines from Sports,PoliticsBusiness, Technology, Music, Entertainment, Gaming, andSciencespecific news updates from India and around the World.
Motivation & Job Search 1.0.3
Always do best in your Life. Motivation & Job Search, this appgives you to grow up your life cycle. There are lot of features inthis app, but our first goal is to motivate the people to theirlife. All-time remember the failure will never overtake you if yourdetermination to succeed is strong enough. It would be very helpfulfor the students to job search after complete their education.Apart from this Motivation & Job Search, we have a lot more.More features: => Job Search: This option especially thosestudents, who searching a new job and which type of job is betterfor them. => Interview Question/Answer: This option gives you toface happily in an interview room. => Career Guide: Most helpfulof all. => Most Important for you: Earn money from online,online related work information. => Top 10 Blogger: Indian topblogger details. We hope Motivation & Job Search will betterfor you. We're trying to provide some more superior information inthe next update. Thanks for staying with us!
PHP 1.0.2
This app contains all the problematic functional information inPHP. It covers all type of functions including 100+ arrayfunctions, MySQL functions, directory functions, date and timefunctions, error functions, file system functions, filterfunctions, FTP functions, HTTP functions, Mail functions, Mathfunctions etc. And all the functions are very briefly described.And in case of CRUD part such as Database Connection, Insert,Update, Delete, File uploading All these things.
Cool Balance Ball 2.3
Cool Balance Ball is a puzzle element of 2D balance ball game.Thisis a very simple and interesting and attractive game. Here youhaveto control your ball using accelerometer input and keep movingtoreach the destination. There are so many death holes in yourmovingpath. You have to just avoid this.