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Classical Poetry and Poets | English Poems 1.6
Classical Poetry and Poets lists over 4500 poems from over120different poets from the 1500's to the mid 1900's for your PhoneorTablet. Scroll down the list of poems and make a selection fromthelist to view the poem. Or you can scroll down the list of poetsandview a biography of the poet. You can then view a list of alltheavailable poems by that author. Use the favorite feature tomarkthe poems that you most often read, Search the database forthepoem title. If you have an interest in poetry, this appcontainsthe most popular poets and poems in history.
WithinWeb Rest 1.9.1
This App is used with PHP scripts fromhttp://www.withinweb.com,such as PHP-KeyCodes, to displayinformation about purchased itemsusing an API system. Afterentering in the correct API username /password and URL, the Appwill display listing of items that havebeen sold. The PHP scriptswhich are supported at present are:PHP-KeyCodeshttp://www.withinweb.com/phpkeycodes/PHP-eSellerhttp://www.withinweb.com/phpeseller/
Parking Near Me - Find Car Park Lots Near You 2.0
Use this app to find car parks or parking lots near yourcurrentlocation. It will list all the car parks found within adefinedradius and will list the closest 20 car parks that it hasbeenfound. You can then view each of the car parks on Google maps.Getthe directions from your current location to the chosen carparkusing Google maps. Set up allows you to define the radius ofsearchand you can define either miles or kilometers. For eachlocation itwill show the location details, such as opening hoursand thereviews of the location. It will also show submitted photos,ifavailable, for the location.