1.0 / June 10, 2017
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Lucky Blocks Mod for MCPE adds anexcitingelement into the game. It looks like a block but it is infact anentity which you can kill. Once it is killed somethingrandom willhappen. If you are lucky you might loot lots of valuableitems butsometimes something much worse happens such as the witherbossspawning LOL.
Pigs are replaced with these lucky blocks.

Download this addon and try out your luck, have fun!

App Information Lucky Blocks Mod for MCPE

  • App Name
    Lucky Blocks Mod for MCPE
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    June 10, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    10 - 50
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UFO Addon for MCPE 1.0 APK
All of that is true for as long you usethisaddon. It implements a UFO (also known as a unidentifiedflyingobject or a flying saucer) which can be used by the player asaflying vehicle. Experience the world of Minecraft as analientoday!How to fly a UFO?Skeletons are replaced by flying saucers which can be used asavehicle for traveling long distances very fast.iOS / Android: Long press on the UFO and press RideWindows 10: Right-click on the UFO to ride itIt’s powered by a mysterious fuel known as the Light BlueEgg(replaces ordinary eggs). Throw the egg at the UFO to make itstartflying and then hold a carrot on a stick to control thedirection.It will stay in air for approximately one minute beforeit needs tobe refueled.They are traveling at a lightning speed and as a result theyarefairly difficult to maneuver.
SSPE Shader for MCPE 1.1 APK
It’s a much more simple pack which still gotsome of the essential features (such as more realistic skies) tomake Minecraft much more beautiful and faithfully realistic.
The Neighborhood mod for MCPE 2.0 APK
There are more than 60 realistic housesandother structures. All of the homes have fully landscaped frontandbackyards, but there’s a downside and that’s the fact theydon’thave any interiors. But as a whole it’s an amazing andveryinspiring map to play!All of the houses are built differently. Sure, there aresomearchitectural similarities but none of them are copied.Half of the fun is to explore the front and backyards. In someyouwill find swimming pools and in others you’ll findsomethingcompletely different.All of the houses are unique and that’s why it’s a great maptoexplore if you are out of ideas since it will provide lotsofinspiration for builders.
BLPE Shaders for MCPE 1.0 APK
The colors for the grass, leaves andotherterrain blocks look much more vibrant and the design for thewateralso looks more shiny and realistic. However, since this isthefirst release there are some flaws. For example, the wateriscompletely still and doesn’t move and also the clouds duringtheday looks just as they do originally.
Flow HD Texture pack for MCPE 2.0 APK
Every texture is very clean and givesMinecrafta very bright and joyful feel. The great thing about thispack isthat it got both a lot of textures which are suitable forinteriordesign as well as outdoor. A great pack for somebody whowants acombination of both.Important notice: It might take up to several minutes for a worldtoload once you’ve got this texture pack enabled.
Green Screen Addon for MCPE 2.0 APK
The technique is called chroma keying anditbasically means that the editor will be able to switch outthebackground with either video footage or a static image.Thistexture pack replaces the lime green wool with a greenscreenblock.How does it work?Let’s say you want to record a video and add special effectsorsimply change the background. Begin by placing the greenscreenblocks (lime wool). Then take the photo or record thevideo.In this example I got a screenshot of two players in-gamestandingat the green screen. I then used Photoshop (GIMP is afreealternative) to remove the green background. The process isveryeasy because you can use the Magic Wand Tool to select thegreencolor and then delete it.Then just add a new background layer and add any kind of photoyouwant.In this case I used the green screen for photo editing but itcanjust as well be used for video editing.
Blaze PvP arena mod for MCPE 1.0 APK
This is a PvP arena suitable foranywherebetween 2-10 players. Its limited size makes it mostsuitable formelee combat (e.g. sword fights) as the bow is moresuitable forlong-range combat. The arena is very well built andthis makes themap so much more cool to play!How to play?Grab some food, a weapon and gear from the chests. Then walkintothe arena and wait for the other player(s) to join. Onceeveryonehave entered then start a countdown from 10.The objective is to kill everyone in the arena and be the lastonealive. You can play multiple rounds as you will respawn inthelobby once you die.Rules:* Don’t break blocks* Don’t kill anyone outside the arena
Kidsource Challenge for MCPE 2.0 APK
You will start out on a small island withfewresources. The resources have to be used carefully in order tooneday have the necessary building blocks to create the bridgeswhichwill take you to your end goal. I provided somerecommendedguidelines but you can obviously use whatever rules youwant.How to play?The objective is a little bit different from other skyblock maps.Inthis case the goal is to survive on the meager resourcesavailablewhile continuously striving to reach the diamondisland.Find use of the resources on the island you are on andultimatelytry to find a way to build a bridge to cross over to theotherislands.The resources get better as you progress to the next islands.You have completed the map once you’ve reached thediamondisland.Recommended GuidelinesYou are not allowed to use terrain blocks (such as dirt or grass)tobuild the bridges.Play in survival modeRecommended difficulty: hard