1.3 / April 18, 2018
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The map DeathRun for MCPE - a minigame death run in which youshouldovercome hindrances and quickly to run craft run. Yourvictory onthis map for Minecraft depends on it! A game takes placein amultiplayer mode, players are divided into two commands. Thismap aminigame for Minecraft very vigorous is also made especiallyforplayers of MCPE who like to compete and bypass trapsblockdead.Disclaimer: We are a third-party developer and we don'tapplyfor the intellectual property of the author of Mojang AB. Weusethe Minecraft PE and MCPE trademarks withpublicpermission:http://www.minecraft.net/terms("Terms")http://www.minecraft.net/brand-guidelines("BrandGuidelines").On this map for Minecraft there are two typesofplayers catch the killers:"Runners" have a task quicker,thanremaining to reach the finish dead runner."Murderers" placetrapsfor Runners . super slime runGet prettier to you games on thismapfor Minecraft fart run!This minigame map death run it ispossibleto download free of charge by means of this applicationcraft runfor MCPE without third-party installers for catchthekillers.Install the map for MCPE is very simple block dead!1.Click"install" on next screen super slime run2. Wait while themapinstalling3. Open MCPE, press "Create a new world" fartrun4.Select map dead runner

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    Parkour Death run map for MCPE
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    April 18, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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Minecon Earth Mobs for MCPE maps animal crossing! 1.0 APK
You have probably already known that new monsters will appear inthe beloved sandbox of MCPE maps soon, but they will not look likeheroes from horror films, but rather pretty animals. However, it isnot known for certain what they will be like in planet minecraft.Or maybe they have something in common with the characters fromthis mod Minecon Earth Mobs for MCPE maps animal crossing!? And ifnot, then maybe you'll like them even more than the originalcharacters ?!This mod for Planet minecraft will present to yourattention 4 possible mobs:• The titan Squid, which replaces theusual Squid, but the former is very strong one, a stroke of whichbrings horror and can harm your survival• The thing that resemblesthe characters of the same name horror film and replaces the pigsin your sandbox adventures. They look quite harmless, but in factthey are very dangerous for your survival, so be cautious!• TheRay, who is inherently an ordinary water animal - a stingray, butcan blind a victim for a while• Finally, Blaze king, which can becreated with the help of the witch spawn. The most dangerous mob ofall animals presented in this map  Do not be afraid ofdifficulties and dangers, do you want adventure to be even moreextreme? Download Minecon Earth Mobs addon right now, be ready forMinecon 18!Disclaimer: We are a third-party developer and we don'tapply for the intellectual property of the author of Mojang AB. Weuse the Minecraft Pocket Edition and MCPE trademarks with publicpermission:http://www.minecraft.net/terms("Terms")http://www.minecraft.net/brand-guidelines ("BrandGuidelines").
Treasure Hunt (Pyramid) map for MCPE 1.3 APK
Treasure Hunt (Pyramid) is a multiplayer map of MCPE gold map,inwhich you will find treasures hidden in the tomb on gold map.Butin your adventures you have to solve a lot of puzzles andlogicalchallenges gold rush. But puzzles and logical challenges arenotthe only obstacles, because sometimes your adventure inthismini-game gold rush will remind you a horror film full ofscarymobs pirate treasure and dangerous quicksand of the MinecraftPEtreasure map .Disclaimer: We are a third-party developer andwedon't apply for the intellectual property of the author ofMojangAB. We use the Minecraft PE and MCPE trademarks withpublicpermission:http://www.minecraft.net/terms("Terms")http://www.minecraft.net/brand-guidelines("BrandGuidelines").Since this mini-game MCPE adventure rushismultiplayer, then you can invite your friends treasure map, andnowyou will not be alone in all these dangerous butexcitingadventures. You can even unite, organize an entirearchaeologicalexpedition, feel what a teamwork is. Of course, youcan arrangecompetitions among themselves, such as who will find thejewelfaster, who is more fearless and will not be afraid to gothroughall these horrors pirate treasure, who will be able to solvethepuzzles and intricacies of the pyramid treasure chest ofMCPEfaster adventure rush.Can you find the jewel of Egyptianancestorsin this mini-game? Then download a multiplayer mapTreasure Hunt(Pyramid)for Minecraft PE treasure chest!Have youdownloaded, butit does not start? First of all, this is just a mapfor MCPE, butnot an independent application. In this regard, do notforget thatto start it you do not need any third-partyapplications, such asBlocklauncher Pro etc. , you need onlyMinecraft PE.
PVP ZombieArena map for MCPE 1.3.15 APK
PVP ZombieArena is a map for MCPE zombie arena, in which there areso many zombies that you probably will regret about saying that. Inthis mine maps for minecraft zombies PE 10 difficulty levels on thesame ZombieArena await. Each level is a new wave of zombies zombiearena, of all kinds that you've ever met zombie survival arena inminecraft zombies PE games. Are you ready to fight with a hugebunch of zombie monsters dark zombie arena on mine maps? Downloadthe map for MCPE ZombieArena zombiecraft.At first the Arena seemscompletely deserted and no mobs and zombies even there is no anyhint to them dark zombie arena, but suddenly you see a wall withlevers MCPE zombiecraft. Above each lever is the level name on mapspe. It will be better if you start from the very first level,otherwise you will be unpleasantly shocked by the number of zombiesthat will get out of the center of the Arena mine maps zombiesurvival arena! Take advantages from your terrible adventure minemaps! Collect everything that you can collect after the zombie,because all this can be turned into gold maps pe . Please note thatthis MCPE map has slots for gold. Putting gold there, you alwaysget something in return. Therefore, your goal on this Minecraft PEmap is not only to survive after a fight with terrible zombies, butalso to collect gold!Do not forget that this is a map for MinecraftPocket Edition, but not a self-supporting game. To run it, you willneed to install Minecraft Pocket Edition. Attention! You will notneed any third-party applications, such as Blocklauncher, maps peMaster or Toolbox for maps pe, you need Minecraft Pocket EditionMinecraft.Fight with zombies on mine maps PVP ZombieArenamap!Warning! This map is not designed Mojang. Minecraft is atrademark of Mojang AB. Note that we are not affiliated with MojangAB, but we adhere to conditions set forth inhttp://account.mojang.com/terms AB Mojang
2018 War Tank MCPE Mod! 1.3.27 APK
2018 War Tank MCPE Mod - is now in the Minecraft sandbox. Tocreatea tank is very simple, you need to go down into the swamp ofbiomesand stock up properly with the eggs of the witches. The tankisready for use and your adventures begin. It should be managedasyou normally drive a horse. This is your weapon in the struggleforsurvival, weapons against evil mobs of horrors, because youhavethe opportunity to launch a missile from the tank. To makeyouradventure with MCPE mob more exciting use the Thompson MachineGun.In 2018 War Tank MCPE Mod you can use big grenades. DownloadthisMCPE mod and receive tanks, weapons and adventures!HOWTOINSTALL? To run this mod you need only MinecraftPocketEdition. Download, click and import this addon. Then go intotheworld settings (in the texture settings and settings of theMCPEparameters) and load the texture file and the add-onitselfWarning!This map is not designed Mojang. Minecraft is atrademark of MojangAB. Note that we are not affiliated with MojangAB, but we adhereto conditions set forth inhttp://account.mojang.com/terms ABMojang
Train your dragon mod for the MCPE 1.3 APK
Dragons is a dragon mod for mcpe of Minecraft PE sandbox a kindofdragon mine craft simulator or even a dragon farm, in whichyouwill be a caring dad or mommy, who take about their belovedpet,still very small, but who will soon become a huge drakondragonmine craft. But first you need to tame it on dragon mod, andforthis it is necessary to properly feed it with prepared meatdragonmod! The process is not an easy one ender dragon, because helovessheep and cooked meat ender dragon. But as soon as you tame it-your pet will give you more love and care, you'll even seethehearts over his head! In addition, the dragon has 6 stagesofgrowth. When the drakon reaches 4 stages of growth, yoursurvivalwill be completely safe god of dragons, because from nowthe dragonwill take care of your survival, will protect you fromenemies godof dragons. But only in exchange dragon crafting for thefact thatyou will patronize him and take care of his survival, too.A sweetdrakon in the simulator MCPE will turn your game intorealadventures Minecraft PE school of dragons.Disclaimer: We areathird-party developer and we don't apply for theintellectualproperty of the author of Mojang AB. We use theMinecraft PE andMCPE trademarks withpublicpermission:http://www.minecraft.net/terms("Terms")http://www.minecraft.net/brand-guidelines("BrandGuidelines").HOW TO INSTALL? To run this mod school ofdragons ofMiencraft PE, no third-party applications are required,onlyMinecraft PE is needed. First, download, then click and importthisaddon dragon mod for mcpe into the game. Then go to theworldsettings, dragon crafting and upload the add-on file. TheDrakon inthe sandbox of Minecraft PE is ready to adventures withMCPE mod!
FireEngine mod for MCPE minemaps 1.0 APK
Have you always wanted to become a rescuer, a fireman, wanted torescue people and not to give a fire to carry human lives out, butsomething went wrong? No problem! With this MCPE mod for minemaps,you can feel like a real rescuer or fireman on a firetruck!Disclaimer: We are a third-party developer and we don't applyfor the intellectual property of the author of Mojang AB. We usethe Minecraft Pocket Edition and MCPE trademarks with publicpermission:http://www.minecraft.net/terms("Terms")http://www.minecraft.net/brand-guidelines ("BrandGuidelines").Even if you are not going to rescue people, but youneed a fireresistant vehicle and a superfast car with 100 healthunits, then you couldn’t help downloading this minemaps mod rightnow! Just imagine, you can turn on the flasher on your fire engine,and all the other vehicles and cars will give way to you! You,unlike other cars, will no longer have traffic jams, because youare now a fire engine driver! In addition to it, your suit is verystylish, because in no one of your adventures you haven’t had sucha cool suit. Put on this suit, call your friends, get into the firetruck (maximum 3 players) and go on a fun adventure in the sandboxof minemaps! Download this MCPE addon right now and you will notregret it!
Find The Button Houses Edition map for MCPE pubg 1.4 APK
This MCPE map is a mini-game from a series of logic games andpuzzles Find objects Minecraft PE press the button. But unlikelogical games Minecraft PE pubg, where your task was - to finditems find the button, in the sandbox of Minecraft PE you have tolook for buttons or levers for mine maps. Once you find them, youpass to the next level of the puzzle mine maps. Probably youalready had to look for buttons and items in Minecraft PE, but thedifference between Minecraft PE this puzzle is that your adventurewill be complicated by numerous buildings that were not previouslyin biome maps pe pubg. Your adventure on maps pe with thismini-game will consist of 8 challenging levels, each with a hiddenbutton pubg. And on every level you will meet some kind ofconstruction, be it an ordinary village house, or a modern buildingof the city, or a medieval castle with its horrors, or just aninverted house in which you will feel like you are going crazy onmine maps pubg press buttons puzzle. Do not be afraid of horror andmadness, it's only part of your MCPE puzzle find the button, butnot a game of press buttons puzzle survival maps pe pubg press thebutton.Disclaimer: We are a third-party developer and we don'tapply for the intellectual property of the author of Mojang AB. Weuse the Minecraft PE and MCPE trademarks with publicpermission:http://www.minecraft.net/terms("Terms")http://www.minecraft.net/brand-guidelines ("BrandGuidelines").Are you ready for adventure through a medieval castle,or an ordinary village house? Then download this maps pe and lookfor the hidden buttons! And now about the rules of thislogical-adventure mini-game MCPE:First, set the game mode to"adventure"Secondly, in the settings choose "peacefully"Third,time: dayFourthly, block breaking is forbiddenFifth, do not cheatpubg
RMS Queen Mary 2 map for MCPE 1.3 APK
If you are a real fan of the game mc maps, then you probablyalreadyplayed in a similar PC map of Minecraft PE escape thetitanic? Nowyou are presented its mobile version for MCPE! Oceanliner QueenMary 2 at the time of descent into the water wasconsidered thelargest passenger ship in the world. RMS Queen Mary2 remains alegend of the oceans, because the liner RMS Queen Mary2 minemapsmade a round-the-world trip for 81 days, which cost thepassengers acolossal amount of money maps pe. Now you, the user ofMinecraftPocket Edition, have the opportunity to make around-the-world tripfull of adventure, on a passenger steamship.What is RMS in the nameof this vessel? It is Royal Mail Ship, andthis is the only majorpassenger ship that goes by mail deliverytitanic. Download the mapRMS Queen Mary 2 PE rms titanic andchoose what to do: go on anadventure trip mc maps, make around-the-world trip, do creation,construction, design or justdeliver mail steamship.Disclaimer: Weare a third-party developerand we don't apply for the intellectualproperty of the author ofMojang AB. We use the Minecraft PE andMCPE trademarks withpublicpermission:http://www.minecraft.net/terms("Terms")http://www.minecraft.net/brand-guidelines("BrandGuidelines").Have you already minemaps downloaded the maprmstitanic, but you can not start it escape the titanic? Note thattostart the MCPE Map, you do not need any third-partyapplications,such as Blocklauncher Pro or ToolBox for MCPE, MCPEMaster, youonly need mc maps to install Minecraft PE titanic.