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Hidden object gamecriminal case game is hidden crime case indifferent crime city.crime case is a puzzle solving game andchallenging game.in mystery hidden object game find clue and getevidence to catch criminal.criminal case investigation of the realcriminal.are you ready to solve your first murder cases?Can youfind all the Hidden Objects?- solve hidden crimes- find theevidence from all hidden objects and guess the criminal

App Information Secret Mystery Of Murder

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    Secret Mystery Of Murder
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    January 26, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    star game infotech
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Can you find all hidden items?Someone calls them daffodils, someonenarcissus, daffadowndilly, or jonquil but it all refers to the sameconspicuous flowers that we all know, with six petal-like tepals,surmounted by a corona with cup or trumpet shape. The flowersusually appear to be white or yellow (orange or pink in gardenvarieties), while the tepals and corona could be either uniform orcontrasting colored. Historical records imply that narciss havebeen cultivated from the earliest times, but they became more andmore popular in Europe after the 16th century, and by the late 19thcentury were a vital commercial crop centered above all on theNetherlands. These days daffodils are popular as cut flowers and asornamental plants in private and public gardens.
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Will you find all the hidden objects?Hidden Object is a free gamein which your seek and find skills will be challenged like neverbefore!The game principle is simple: Find a series of hiddenobjects in a scene! Various objects and environments are availableallowing you to replay a scene several times in differentconfigurations!Beware of the time limit! Indeed, you have a definedperiod of time to find all the objects! A fast analysis isrequired!Police officer put into corruption games? Is thatsomething you hear rarely? It is not, not in movies, and not inreality. Maybe, the issues they are dealing with, are very fragileand it is very difficult for someone to stay the clean person whenbig interests appear. How many times you tell yourself that it isnot possible that some scenario is only a movie. In today's game wegive you some thriller.Paul is an officer, and Hanks is a detectiveand the both have the task to investigate a case connected to theircolleague that is dealing with corruption. As the time goes by,they understand that their ex colleagues were involved into this.You don't have to be an investigator or some scientist to smell thesituation and to know that there is some problem in the DelvaroCity police department. The chief Bronson has big suspects that inyears the corruption stinks in his department, but has never beendiscovered. But, there was no more running and some severe measuresshould have been done before a big scandal would appear.Bronsonstarted the investigation wanting to find the filthy policemen, buthe needed evidence first, before accusing them. He gave a task toofficer Paul and detective Hanks, the two persons he trusts themost in his department. They have been awarded with medals ofhonour for the good work they do in years. Their noses took theminto the house of former police officer Gibson. He was suspiciousbecause he left job very suddenly and without good reason. Find outif the documents they took picture of are going to be enough toaccuse Gibson of corruption.
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Secret mysterious number is a hidden object mystery game.All thelevels are random so you will get new view every time.It contains20 levels.In level player need to find 30 Alphabet.Total 180seconds for each level.Player will get score for finding correcthidden number object.Player also get star as reward at the end oflevel complete.- Free Game- HD Graphics.- Easy to play.InteractiveUser Interface.
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Hidden Objects : secret of the steam-port You are having multiplelevels available in this game where you will find the realchallenging tasks to play with.This game is developed byconcentrating on people interests about hidden puzzles. And youwill be provided couple of functionality for better vision.Alsohint available to better see the hidden objects.Complete all thechallenging levels to prove your self a real detective in themysterious places.Imagine you can live in a place where you can getenergy out of anything? You shouldn't spend money to haveelectricity, but you will have a perpetuum mobile, an energy thattransfers from one to another and never escapes. People could makeenergy out of water, wind, and of steam as well. That sounds soperfect. The science fiction or the fantasy gave birth to a subgenre cold steampunk, that includes technology and aestheticdesigns inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-poweredmachinery. The genre has been completely invented as an alternativehistory of the British Victorian era or American \"Wild West\".Imagine you live in the 21st century and all around you looks likeyou are not embowered with computers and tablets and all thetechnological benefits of our days, but in the style of Wildwest.Raymond and Lydia are one of the main members of the Steamportboard. Steamport is the last city in the world where the steampunkstill exists. The inhabitants of this city believe in the good ofthe steam and everything in the town functions on the steam basis.The last few months there have been some problems with theresources in the city, so the inhabitants of the city have decidedthat they must sell one of their precious objects to gain enoughassets and to afford an adequate steam source, so their city willfunction as it used to be.When the problems with the steamappeared, people had to start looking for another source of energy,they had to pay for electricity and had no money for that. Thatgave birth to a lot of conflicts and problems among people. So,please, help the Steamport people to return their
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For this weekend we offer you a game that will take you beyond thenormal. Maybe you don't believe in paranormal things, but let thefantasy take you beyond your limits. Paranormal events are usuallythose phenomena which lie beyond normal experience or scientificknown explanations. Have you heard of daydreaming? For some peoplethat is normal thing. You might find yourself walking in yourdreams and arrive from one to another point without realizing howyou did it. Or, no matter how much one won't admit that doesn'tbelieve, how many times have you been in a situation to think thatthe place you are at the moment, isn't the same place you have beenfew days ago?You don't have to believe these things, just let theimagination, what would be if it would be.Some sort of a deja vuphenomenon our hero of the day has survived. That is the feeling ofhaving already experienced the present situation you are put in.Melinda is a girl which at the moment is at a place which shedreamt of few nights ago.She is devastated and very much confusedbecause she doesn't know if she is been dreaming or what ishappening to her is really happening. Melinda needs to find out theexit from this dark place. That is the only way she can come out ofher nightmare. But, that is not an easy thing for her at all. Thisseems very familiar scenario for horror movie, isn't it? She is onher way to find the exit. Will you help her get out of this terror?